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Siavash Avesta


Islam Was Never Accepted by the Iranians

There Were Numerous Persons of distinction After Islam Who Were Following AVESTA

ABBASI David Hassan

Siyavash AWESTA


After Islam ,although the religion of AVESTA  was expelled beyond  the Caspian sea and India after two centuries of resistance ,but there were great learned persons and thinkers who by saving appearances of Islam’s rites were following AVESTA in their hearts ,speech and elegiac poems and most of these kind friends sacrificed their life for the cause of their thought ,among them were those like Abu Moslem khorasani ,Babak Khorram Din and numerous learned persons like Shaubieh,Akhavan-ul-Safa,Ein-ul-Ghozat,Sohrevardi,Hafiz,Khayam and Molavi who were all followers of AVESTA .


Daghighi was the follower of AVESTA and sacrificed his life for that!

     Like a prolific tree

    With his auspicious nerve

    Zoroaster destroyed the Evil principle

As soon as he began to compose the Shah Nameh,Daghighi  was objected by the anger and enmity of  Foghaha(jurisconsults in Mohammedan Law) and was killed in his youth .



Now  this Iranian great  epic poet,Ferdowsi,revived the AVESTA’s religion  and it’s ancient people by creating the Shah Nameh which was nearly disappeared in the course of the foreigners’rushing and attaking to our territory .

As we wrote before ,AVESTA consisted of 120 volumes which had been disappeared as the result of the foreigners’ continuous attacks.Daghighi and Ferdowsi presented the Shah Nameh  to history and mankinds by having access to a part of  it which was consisted of the Aryan ancient fables.

The ancient AVESTA has had many parts:


-sovereignty fables

-historical teachings

-living rules

-rules for managing the world

-Ormuzd hymns

-Iranian celebrations

-The philosophy of existence,a part of which is versified by Ferdowsi. Because he also believed in AVESTA,and  that Islam was his outward religion ,like all other leared persons whom we will refer to some of them here.

      Mehr religion was disappeared

      As if the maces were falling from the sky

      It was thirty years which the Sun

      Was being prayed as the God

Naser Khosro

Naser Khosro,the Iranian great wise man,was also separated from Arabian opinions and becam the propagandist of  wisdom tendency,luminosity and AVESTA’thought:

    From the jurisconsult  King

    I took refuge in Islam

    As going to the mouth of a Dragon

    From the fear of an ant

Mahdi Akhavan Salis

By pseudonym of M.Omid, Mahdi Akhavan Salis also turned to AVESTA when he was young  and then he published a book titled:

About this AVESTA  and established his connection and adherence towards AVESTA in the last years of his lifeby composing the historical poems.

     I believe in your  Ormuzd and your Gods

     And I love your Splendour and Nature

     I swear to the pure soul of your ancient prophet

     Who is an old clear-sighted man

Allameh Tabatabaee

As one of the greatest contemporary clergy,Allameh Tabatabaee is a person who took notice to the religion of Mehr(affection) and AVESTA during the last years of his life and  his eternal poems named The Faith of Mehr was his best souvenir for the Aryan world.


Fereydoon  Moshiri:

    Your Sun inwhich  the brightness of Zoroaster’s face has bloomed

     Your sky which has brought a cup of vine from the house of Hafiz

     Speak the same language as me

Many of the poets  and ancient famous Iranians has also explicitly confessed  that they were not Muslims and that they were Sun worshippers(Mehr worshipper) and their religion  had been the worship of  Mithra.

Aboo Saeed Ab-ul-Kheir:poetical  works

   Poem: O! your face is the chief aim of Sunprayers

               The curve of your eyebrow is the altar of the world’s inhabitants

Ohadi Maraghehee:poetical  works

   Poem: An unbeliever is not wondered to see an idol like you

              To stop praying the Moon and the Sun


Khaghani  shervani:poetical  works

   Poem: I was a Sun prayer before

              Now the whole of my love is Jose

Khadjooye kermani:poetical works

   Poem: Since I have seen your sun like face

              I have become a Sun prayer

Saib Tabrizi:poetical works

   Poem: Although I have become a Sun prayer

               I am always eager to see your face

Obeyd  Zakani:poetical  works

    Poem: O! your face is the chief aim of the Sun prayer

               The curve of your eyebrow is the altar of the world’s inhabitants

Fakhr-e-Din Araghi:poetical  works

   Poem: We have changed our chief aim towards you

               Not in the least we are Sun prayers again

Forughi Bastami:poetical works

  Poem: The Sun throws light upon the world

              Because it prays you with all it’s heart

Molavi:A poetical work called Shams

   Poem:  We  the Sun prayers go up to this roof

               Lest no wall can cover the sunlight from us


Nezami gandjavi:Letter of fortune(Eghbal Nameh)

Amir Moezzi:poetical  works


Salman Savodji:poetical works


Salman Savodji:Jamshid and the Sun


Shah Nemat allah Vali:poetical works


Emad-u-Din Nasimi:poetical works


Ghalib Dehlavi:Persian poetical work


Aref Ghazvini also formally proclaimed his adherence  to the AVESTA religion  by his  historical  hymn:

AVESTA! The best rules of the God’s court


Well Thought     Well Speech    Well Deed

I come from Iran, the country of the freemen


Having well speech, deed and thought

The auspicious Fereydoon became prosperous

The wise men also followed his way

Until the Devil was put in chains

Find the way of the Eden by them

The way which was from Eden to the Lord


ABBASI david hassan

Persane پارسی


Siavash Avesta