ABBASI Hassan Siyavash AWESTA



  Persian New Year’s day (NOWROOZ) starts, since thousands of years, as from the first day of spring, that is to say the 20 or 21 of march of each year. During this day, all the family gathers around the table which is prepared since the previous year and which includes 7 articles starting with "HS" (Shin) like Sharab (wine), Shekar (sugar), Sham (candle), Shabnam (flower), Shahnameh (letter of the kings), Shirini (pastry makings) and Shamshir (sword) which represents the force and the power. After invasion of the Moslems in Iran, Sin (S) replaced Shin (HS) because the wine (Sharab) was prohibited by Islam and, instead of Sharab, one chose Serké (vinegar). Around this table, figure 7 was always sacred for the Persians and these articles were the articles of nature, the beauty, the life, the force and the power. Many traditional Persian festivals were borrowed by other civilizations and religions. For example, December 21, which is the day of the birth of MITRA, first Persian prophet, has always been a national festival for 7000 years. With a few days of shift, it was carried to December 25 and was called "the day of the birth of Christ".

Eastern and sizdahbedar

  The 13th day of spring, was and is the day when Persians left their city to attend the great picnic apart from their City. The Jews borrow this festival the day of their exit from Egypt, under the name of the "Festival of PESSAH". The Christians - with always a few days of shift - celebrate the "Festivals of PAQUE". The name is a Persian term, which means, "clean". The "fish of April" has also existed for 7000 years in the history of Persia. It begins with a joke from MITRA towards its people. The "Santa Claus" was originally AMOUNOWROUZ, which came the first day from spring, with its white beard and its red coat and its bonnet for giving gifts to the children. No doubt each people hold his calendar and his history. The Egyptian people, the Jewish people (currently in his 578ème year), the Christian people (currently in his 1999ème year), the Freemasons (today in year 5999) and the Persian, today in 7021


  Except the festivals of New Year's day, and eastern, there are the festivals of All Saints' day, festivals of the return of spirit towards the ground which have more than 7000 years for the Persians. In this day, the celebration of Farah-Vashi (All Saints' day), people dress all in white, dance and listen to music while protesting: "Let us accommodate the spirits with cheerfulness"

  The Definition of the word Aria

  ARIA, it is a word; it is a name on which there is a lot to say about. ARIA, is the name of a population but unfortunately, some time ago, a criminal had misused the meaning of this word. In recent contemporary history, there were debates, arguments around this word but undoubtedly, everyone, all the scientists who know a little history, knows well the synonym of this word. That which Hitler wanted to obtain from this word, had nothing to do with million of people who are of the Aryan origin. He even did not know what the word ARIA meant. And today, fortunately, everyone knows it. That is why you see everywhere the word ARIA or ARIAN being used in Europe, in the United States or in the Persian countries or even in Israel!! In Israel, when you check the yellow pages of any city of Israel, you see everywhere the word ARIA or ARIAN, and also in Europe and everywhere else. The people who are wise, intelligent, the scientists know that this word, which is misused by some people, would not be a reason to not use it definitively and eternally!! Like the word "Islam" or "Christianity" or other words. For example, at the medieval times, we know well how many massacres were carried out in the name of Christ, who had already died who was no more among us since already several hundreds of years. But we killed people by his name. And his name always remained healthy and sizeable and nobody has said ‘since we killed in the name of Christ we will draw aside the name of the Christ from the dictionary’. Or in Islam history, since always, there were many wars, many massacres in the name of Islam. The day when the Prophet of Islam died, its 2nd caliph starts to attack the other countries and until today, whether it is Khomeiny or Ben Laden or Saddam Hossein. We see how some can use the word "Islam"!! Then when Ben Laden kills in the name of Islam, then we should say that it is the word Islam that is not good? Then it is necessary to be afraid of the word Islam and we must draw aside the word Islam?? NO!!! It is for that reason, that the word ARIAN also, or ARIA was misused once in contemporary history by Hitler. But afterwards, everyone found out about the meaning of the word ARIA. To start with, ARIA comes from the word "AYR", which means" free people". "ARIEN" mean country, free people. And there is the word ARMAN, ARMENIAN and IRAN and IRANIAN also which comes from the word AYR and ARIA or ARIAN...Therefore, IRAN, means "the country of Ariens" and "Aryan", means free people!! But, if we look in the dictionary, the synonym of the word ARIA, especially in the Persian dictionary, since if you want to find the origin of each word, it is necessary to check in their language, and to seek in their language of origin. Therefore ARIA was part of a population, which lived in the ancient Persian plateau, already 7000 years ago before Jesus Christ, which was between Tadjikistan and the Iran of today and part of India.... For 9000 years, even more, part of these Arien people have started to emigrate towards the India of today, and then they went down to the Persian Gulf and a great part of them went down towards Greece, Europe and especially Germany. This means that the grand father of the Iranian, of the Persian countries and of the Indians of India and the Greeks, the Romans and most of the countries of Europe of today and America are of the Arien origin.

Therefore there are several languages, which were made because of the geographical shift that these people had since always. It is for that reason that among Ariens, among Iranian or Ariens who are dispatched they are people of orient, of India and America. Except the Indians of America, of course, we could find the languages of Avesta, Sanskrit, the Pahlavi language, the Persian language, the Greek language, the Latin language, the Germanic language, the Slavic language and the Gallic language. And of course, there are also many dialects... that is all we could find as synonyms of the word ARIA in the Persian dictionary, in three or four dictionary, we made researches on three or four dictionaries and found the same thing. A great error that Hitler had made, he claimed that the Jews did not have arien origin. This is not true. One of my books, which is called the AIIN AVESTA, (written in Persian). It explains that after the following research made, that the Jews are also of Arien origin. Since they went down from the Caspian Sea, which means that most of the Jewish origins went down from the Caspian Sea whereas this sea was always in the Persian plateau .on the other side, we should not forget the garden of Adam, in the ancient legacy, and the Torah, they speak about that: the garden of Adam, that is in Persia, close to the Persian Gulf at the South, where the tomb of Daniel is currently found. The word "Adam" and "Eva" are avestaïc Persian words which is the 1st and oldest Persian language and Adam and Eve came from this language. Therefore since already three or four years, there was an Israeli academic who declared, confirmed that the garden of Adam was in Persia!! That means that the Jews are also of Arien origin. It is necessary to know, that when we talk about ARIA or ARIEN, we do not talk about a race, we talk about a culture, of a civilisation of people with several colours, it is with saying, this is not a unique populace but it is a population with several colours since the Persian plateau like the actual Iran or the countries which speaks Persian today, this is not only Iran which speaks Persian, there are other countries which speaks Persian like Afghanistan, part of India, of Pakistan, the totality of Tadjikistan and part of countries like Ghzaghistan, Ouzbékistan, Turkménistan, Gorigestan, Azerbaïdjan or Arménistan, these people too speak Persian and are of arien origin. When we mention Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tadjikistan, they are Persian words since "stan" with the "Afghan" name means "Afghanistan", "tadjik" therefore when we say "Tadjikistan", "stan" means province. Then when we say "Tadjikistan" it means the province of Tadjiks, Afghanistan, is the province of Afghan. At the era when before the separation of the geographical chart and indicated, the totality was a large country with several cultures but the same origin. Why several colours? Because in these countries, you have almost four different seasons, which means that in the Iran of today we have blond hair and white skin people, and we have bronzed skin and brown hair people as well. For example, in the north of Iran, there is not much sun around the Caspian Sea people are rather white. In the south of Iran, towards the Persian Gulf where there is much sun, people are bronzed skin, and in the middle of Iran towards the Loutt desert, you will find bronzed skin people, it has a lot of sun there. In the mountains of Kurdistan or others parts of Persia you will find people which are whiter by skin and which have blond hair. We can see the same thing with Tadjikistan or several other provinces of ancient Persia.

It is for this reason that all these colours, all these special and geographical situation brought back several accents, several cultures all of this is in connection with the geographical and natural situation it had compared to the strong or weak presence of the sun in the cities or the provinces of the large Persian countries and the large Ariens countries. The Persian was one of the Arien tribes, called “Pars”,"parsha", "partha" but Arien, it is for that "Arien" is not only one race. "Aria" is a majority of several populations with several resembling cultures and civilisations and each one has its different dialect. And today, each one of them has its language. It is for that reason when we speak of Aria; it is of the culture, different civilisation, a mosaic of several civilisations, cultures and habits and of human traditions. And it is for that reason that the Armenians, the tadjiks, Afghan, the Persians, the Jews, Europeans, the Greeks, emigrated American entered this great culture and Arien civilisation And Ireland is the country of the Arien province We had made a research, but currently this is not the right time to say it!! For example in all the European languages we found many Persian words. Why? Because that all these languages, come from the Sanskrit language which are of the same origin. I will give you only one example so you can see it by ourselves: For example, in the French language, only in the figures of 1 to 10, you will see they resemble much. In Persian, when we say 1 we say "yek". When 2 is pronounced, we say "two", it is exactly the same thing. 3, we say "seh". 4 we say "tchar". The Most interesting of them is the 5, we says "pange", if we replace "p" by "C" that resembles already very much. 6 in French, in Persian It is pronounced "shish". 7 It is pronounced, "haft". 8 in Persian, is pronounced "hasht". There is a "H" when eight is said but it does not pronounced. The Most significant one is nine. 9 in Persian is pronounced "noh". And 10 is pronounced "dah". You see!! It completely resembles. Even Today, whereas we are in 3rd millennium, when there are a word or a name which comes from another country, Iran or an Arab country, we cannot pronounce it well. Just like many words or names .For example the Prophet of Islam,"Mohammad", but when we say it in french, we pronounce it  "Mohammed" or "Mahomet". Ben Laden, for example, we say Bin Laden, Or Khomeiny. Or Hossein, we say hussein!! Therefore from several thousands of years, the people which emigrated of the Persian plateau towards Europe, their shish becomes six, "hasht" becomes "eight" and so on. But there are many things, which still resemble to each other in the Germanic language. In this language, you find many Persian words. For example we have a province in Persia, which is Kerman. And there is a great researcher and Persian historian, whom I greet; He is Master Fereidoun Joneidi, which currently lives in Iran and which made several dozen of books on Ariens history. He even is a grand international academic and an important personality. He stated that the German are the people who emigrated of the Kerman province in Iran, because in Iran we have the Kerman province ". And he also mentioned that the Spanish people emigrated from Ispahan, which is a rather known city in Iran. This grand professor believes that the Spanish are the emigrants of Ispahan, and the Gaelic French have emigrated from "Gilan" which is a large province by the side of the Caspian Sea. Thus you see my dear friends, life is beautiful, we are all of the same origin. Our first atom was one. After a great explosion of this atom, we were dispatched everywhere in the world. But we are all of the same origin. My dear friends, this is what ARIA means.