The Master of intelligence

ABBASI Hassan Siyavash AWESTA

In the name of the Master of intelligence

In the name of the Master of intelligence, beyond whose the thought cannot go, of the Master of glory, the Master of the world, the Master of fortune, the Master of Saturn and of the rotation of the spheres, which lit the moon and morning, and the sun; who is higher than any name, than any sign, than any idea, which painted stars with firmament.
Wise is here, the place where it is advisable to speak about the value of intelligence. Speak and draws from your reason what you know, so that you hear that which nourishes. Intelligence is the largest of all the gifts of God, and to celebrate it is the best of actions. Intelligence is the guide in life, it delights the soul, and it is your help in this world and the other. The reason is the source of your joys and your sorrows, your profits and your losses. If itís obscure, the man with the shinning soul cannot know the assent any more. Thus speaks a virtuous and intelligent old man, words whose the wise one is nourished from: " Whoever obey not to the reason, will tear itself by its actions; the wise men call it foolish, and they  hold it for foreigner ". It is by intelligence that you have of the value in this world and other and that whose reason is broken falls into slavery. The reason is the eye of the guardian soul, and if you reflect, you must see that, without the eyes of the soul, you could not control this world. Understand that the reason is the first thing created. It is the guard of soul; it is toit due to action of graces, which you must return to him by the language, the eyes and the ears. (FERDOWSI)

The king of the kings melts the university of medicine

Cyrus, king of the kings, king of Egypt from top to bottom, when I was in its kingdom, I was ordered to go to Egypt to build in the capital a Faculty of Medicine and I gather any thing necessary to make function this faculty in Egypt.
I have gone to Egypt and I have done what the king of the kings ordered and prepared all the books and laboratories and invited the youth of Egypt to learn medicine, under the monitoring of qualified professors.
Cyrus, king of the kings, knew well the value of medicine and it thus hoped to save the life of the patients in Egypt.
Adrien brought this text back of Egypt towards Rome and it is currently in the museum of the Vatican.

Mankind, an unknown creature

Until now, Mankind remains unknown because nobody has been able to give complete information about this creature. What is he? Who is he? What does he do? Why is he here and how did he appear in this world? As many questions to which no philosopher, no scientist nor prophet has known to give the answer.
the Man is a creator who, during thousands of years, created many civilizations. Today, it arrived at a point where we can regard him as God of the Earth. All progress of the data processing and nuclear technologies, created and discovered by him, advances more quickly than human being...

Mankind , with all the existing powers, remains all the same unable to solve certain problems which occur in the world of every day. The problems of unemployment, poverty, the homeless people, bankruptcy of large international or national companies and them be sacred and sizeable that the politicians, the charged cultural ones. Abandon, show that man of great quality can fall from top to land to the very low. While a group of human beings encounters all these problems, other lives in peace without big troubles and many who improved the civilisation and progress of today.

Chance or God!

Man, since always, sought a person or a fact that would justify or condemn the evil and the good which exist in this world. It is then, for this reason that the Gods were created and that prophets appeared among people.
Today, without any doubt, in many laic companies, the chance replaces God. However, nobody can dispute the fact that today, with all the problems that Man encounters, that he is attracted by metaphysics. Indeed, each time he feels lonely, poor, incompetent in front of the difficulties, the dangers, it seeks a force, which could help. It is at this time, that society couldnít do a thing, man turns to metaphysics or tends to self-destruction. And with the fanatic, whatever his racial or religious membership to appear at this precise moment, if leaders or chieftain existed or well organised movements, those could collect all these people in their country and profit of them blindly.
For all these reasons, we can justify the presence of an ideology or simply one universal thought and which answers certain questions that is asked, even in the laic companies: Who are the humans? Does God exist? How to explain one?
One of the oldest thoughts than we can regard as the mother of all the religions and world philosophies is derived from AVESTA. AVESTA is the oldest Persian thought, old of 7000 years old.