ABBASI Hassan Siyavash AWESTA

It is the symbol of the god who knows all and who is able to do everything: Ahoura-mazda (Ahoura = to know and Mazda = to be able). This symbol is comparable to an eagle, which knows everything, and which is able of everything and which does not have faithful need to burn its faithful believers to make reprehensible acts. He does not need either, to show the sign of paradise to its faithful ones to obey him. He is the creator of all; he never wants to punish or make suffer anyone and does not have the need to make his faithful ones suffer. Now I will present to you the explanations on the various components of this Ahoura-mazda eagle.

The head of Farvahar: To have a head like each human being, means that the man is created with the image of God and the world is a gift left from this being. And the man with "the reason" and "his Holy Spirit" were left on earth in total freedom. And it is advised to fight the AHRIMAN, which is the devil and the symbol of bad acts, thoughts or words. All of this in order to create the paradise on ground and that all the human beings could live in peace.

 THE BEARD: The beard of Ahoura-mazda will indicate the man which becomes wise, rational and which can distinguish the good from the evil. The age of reason of the human beings is calculated to be between 20 and 40 years. After the passage of the heat of youth, as from 20 years, it is the moment when we reflect best and which we study well our acts.


 What we see on the image of Ahoura-mazda, which wears completely banal clothing, means that Man  (woman or man) must have equal and normal clothing.

 On the left hand of FARVAHAR, there is a small circle, which is the sign of the kingdom of the human beings on Earth.


 at the centre of the body of Ahoura-mazda, there is another circle, which is the symbol of the sun, which gives us the life, the energy on Earth.


 There are three feathers on the bottom and three others on the top that we multiply by two which make twelve. They are the symbols of twelve planets or the twelve angels which by the side of the whole powerful God.


 The right hand of Ahoura-mazda is directed towards a direction, which means that life has a goal.


 They are located on bottom left and on the bottom right. They are the symbol of perpetual continuity and of the rotation of the universe.


 The crown that we see on the head of AHOURA-MAZDA, is the symbol of its kingdom which manages the whole world. Consequently, all is under its orders: water, fire, wind, and life...in global all that is on Earth.


 It is used among Christians, It is a deformed kind of that of AHOURA-MAZDA