“”I provide certificate and evidence that she is Princess Soraya’s daughter””

Written By:

Dr Hassan Abbasi ( Siyavash Avesta)



Since  we received a  letter from the Adopted mother, confirming that Princess Soraya has a daughter, we have had an interview with the Girl’s adopted father. He has recently left Iran and has not seen her adopted Daughter for 23 years.  He genuinely confirms that her adopted daughter is the Daughter of Princess Soraya.  He divorced his first wife ( Adopted mother) when the girl was 6 years old.  The adopted father , Dr GholamHussein Alef ( surname is not correct for security reasons) has married for the second time and has children from his current wife. The adopted mother has also married for the second time and does not have any children. Dr GholamHussein Alef lives in Iran and has recently come to Europe and USA. He confirms that his adopted daughter is really Princess Soraya’s daughter and he has sent  us a written and signed fax, confirming this fact. Siyavash Avesta: Dr GholamHussein Alef , thankyou for accepting our invitation for interview. Please tell us your name, education, job and address? Dr GholamHussein Alef:  My name is Dr GholamHussein Alef. I graduated from Medical school in Tehran.  I specialise in Ear, Nose and throat (ENT) . I studied in Tehran and Paris. I live in Tehran, Pasdaran Avenue.   Siyavash Avesta:Dr , how many children do you have? Dr GholamHussein Alef:I have been married 2 times. I had a child from my first marriage, which died.  We adopted our current daughter and she lived with me until the age of 6.  I have 2 children from my second wife. Siyavash Avesta:Please explain to us, how this adoption took place? Dr GholamHussein Alef: On 4 th September 1962 ( Iranian date:13 September 1341) my then wife  went to Pars hospital In Tehran to give birth to our child. As indicated by the attending physicians, the baby  was underweight,With deformed appearance and had to be placed immediately in an incubator. The baby died  a few hours later. When she felt better, I informed  my wife, about the baby’s death. She was sad, but showed understanding as she had been previously Advised that this might happen. That night of 4th September around 11.30pm I went to Pars hospital To see my wife . She was  tired and was asleep . I too, was tired and depressed and decided  to walk in the corridors of the maternity section of the hospital and wondered about what had happened that day. The lady,who was the night  Duty sister for the maternity section, asked Me if I were  Dr Alef? I told her yes, I was. Then she said that  I have seen you many times in the  hospital for women in Tehran.  As a fifth year  medical  student at the Medical School and in order to receive my degree,  I had spent two years  as an assistant at the Dr JahanShah Saleh women hospital in Tehran. During our conversation, I found out that the Sister on duty that evening Was one of the graduates of the Ashraf Pahlavi Midwife School and  knew the story of my deceased baby. While I was taking leave, she turned to me and said that: “I want To do a good deed for you. Would it be possible for you to give me Your home or office telephone number? I gave her my visiting card. On 5th September 1962 my wife and I left Pars hospital empty handed without A child. That evening  I went to bed  with a thousand different thoughts and ideas.I Was overwhelmed with disappointment and a sense of hopelessness. I knew that the second and the  third child would have the same unfortunate fate. I was considering the options available to me. --Divorce my wife and marry someone else. All that this option involved was not for me. --Adopt a child from Orphanage. As a doctor, I knew  well  the health problems these cildren had. I knew of the many diseases  such as: Tuberculosis, Syphilis, Diabetic, Blood problems,hemophilia, mongolism, mental retardation and  Genetic diseases that could come with some adoptions. So,  this was not for me. --Another factor was the family consideration. I come  from  a  very traditional and religious family . They are in principle against such practices. I would be subject to much  slander, degradation and humiliation. --Eventually, a way out occurred to me. I could resign from the Army and emigrate with my wife to  United States, who were at that time extending a very warm welcome to medical doctors. Unfortunately, there was one major obstacle. That was the presence of  an army General and a special physician to the Shah with enormous influence in the country and who was opposed to the resignation of Army doctors. The following morning,the house telephone rang.  A person whom I did not Know and whose voice I  could not recognize, asked if he was talking to Dr Alef’s house? I replied: Yes The Caller asked; What is your relation to Dr Hassan Alef,the founder Of Pars Hospital? I replied: He is my cousin The Caller said: I am Mr Esfandiary Bakhtiary, father of  Princess Soraya. I would like to see you for a few minutes. I accepted. I was delighted and  jumped with joy and ran towards my wife.  I shouted: Lady Luck is with us.Our fortune has turned, because  Mr Esfandiary Bakhtiary related to princess Soraya knows Dr Hassan Alef and with his help we could persuade The powerful General  to  accept my resignation and Then we could  leave for America.  The sad atmosphere turned into hope, happiness and joy. The same evening, The door bell rang and I ran to open the door. At the door, I met a tall, well built, dark haired , man. I greeted and invited him into the house and after initial conversation, I found that Mr Esfandiary knew Dr Hassan Alef very well and considered Him to be like a brother. He also knew about other members of the Alef Family . Mr Esfandiary Bakhtiary was fully aware about the dead child. I thought That the night sister on duty must have briefed him about the baby. Mr Esfandiary Bakhtiary Asked; What are your options for having a child? I replied: d) Leaving for good to USA e) Adopting a child from Orphanage f) Divorce from my wife Mr Esfandiary Bakhtiary replied: The options above are not the Best. I have a fourth option for you, which is the child of princess Soraya. I hope you and your wife will accept this gift. Obviously, there were certain discussions and I suggested that My wife and I should see the child. He accepted. The next day, Mr Esfandiary Bakhtiary arrived together with a lady with Blonde hair and Blue eyes. She was in her thirties and was carrying  few bags. They arrived in a Buick and they were carrying a child. I looked at the child. She had Green eyes, Dark hair and pretty. She looked healthy. We exchanged our  telephone numbers . He offered financial help, food and milk for the child. I did not accept His offers. The child was healthy in every way . Mr Khalil Esfandiary Bakhtiary,The child’s grand father visited us a few times each week.  He always Called before coming. He brought : Clothes, Food, milk and toys for The child. Siyavash Avesta:Were you aware that Princess Soraya divorced the Shah because they could not have any children? Dr GholamHussein Alef: While engaged to the Shah of Iran, Princess Soraya Caught Typhoid. The Tubes in the Womb closed and she could not get pregnant.  After many years without any medication or help, the tubes opened up. Princess Soraya could then become pregnant. Siyavash Avesta:How come Princess Soraya left this child to you, how come She did not give the child to high class families or foreign boarding schools? Dr GholamHussein Alef: Princess Soraya had many opportunities and possibilites. She gave the child to us for the following reasons; 1—Keeping the identity of the child a secret, was of utmost importance. My wife and I had a quiet life and we did not have any contact with reporters. We did not want to tell our families and neighbours that we have adopted an Illegitimate child.  We could not have our own child, therefore we treated the child like our own child.  Princess Soraya was fully aware that owing to Blood type:RH Negative, my wife would never have a child. My wife remarried and still could not have a child.   2—Putting the child in foreign boarding schools has special rules.  You need to give details of child’s parents.  This was very sensitive information and would have aroused the interest of reporters. Princess Soraya did not want to leave her daughter in the street or in the bin…. Siyavash Avesta:Why you did not talk about this subject when the Princess was alive? Dr GholamHussein Alef: We had promised Princess Soraya and her father that this would always stay a secret. I assure you, if the articles were not published in the media, My first wife and I, would have never talked about this subject. We had a commitment, a promise to keep. We committed to Princess Soraya and her father to keep this adoption  a secret. I guarantee you, had the articles not been published, My first wife and I, would have never talked about this subject to anyone. Siyavash Avesta:Why are you talking about this adoption today? Dr GholamHussein Alef: I work in Tehran. My adopted daughter sent a fax, which was from Neemrooz newspaper. The details of her life was printed in The newspaper. Until then, my first wife and I considered our adopted daughter ,our own daughter. We had not told any of our family and friends about this adoption.  No parent, tells the world that their child is Adopted. My first wife and I are not proud about  this adoption. I am going downhill in my life and I decided to to talk about this 40 year old secret with my adopted daughter. I decided to tell her everything that had stayed hidden for 40 years. If I die, noone will be able to give her the details Of her adoption. It is my conscientious responsibilty to come and tell her all the details. I wanted to tell her face to face. Some people accept this fact, others consider it , a lie and a story. People are born free and are completely free in their beliefs. People’s ideas and beliefs will not affect the true identity of my daughter. Her identity, DNA and genes will not change by what people believe. Siyavash Avesta:Why have you kept this adoption a secret for 40 years? Dr GholamHussein Alef: Princess Soraya and her father Mr Khalil Esfandiary Bakhtiary gave us their child in trust.  We accepted the child with all our heart. We provided everything for our adopted daughter and tried to bring her up Like a princess.  I want to thank my first wife fully, for putting all her effort and time in the education of our adopted daughter. She has gone to great length, to bring our daughter up properly. When we accepted the child, we committed and promised to Princess Soraya and her father that their secret will be kept a secret forever. There are 3 reasons for keeping this adoption a secret: 1-- It is degrading for my family. I come  from  a  very traditional and religious family . They are in principle against such practices. I would be subject to much  slander, degradation and humiliation. 2—My first wife’s family would have realized that we could never have a child. My wife’s blood type is; RH negative and she gets pregnant and gives birth. Her child will die. Therefore, she can never give birth to a healthy child. Any children she gives birth to, will die. 3—We had to keep the respect and honour of Princess Soraya. She got accidentally pregnant. This was a shock to the Princess and an unwanted pregnancy.  She wanted to keep this child away from Reporters and media. She could not put the child in foreign boarding schools, because media would find out about her true identity. Siyavash Avesta:Can your first wife get pregnant and give birth to a healthy child? Dr GholamHussein Alef: I met my first wife in Paris. We got married and she got pregnant.  The baby  was underweight, With deformed appearance and had to be placed immediately in an incubator. The baby  died  a few hours later. The medical reasons are: “ When one parent has a negative RH blood type as in  my wife’s case and the other parent has a positive RH blood type as in my own case  ( Dr Alef) , most often the child may have many medical problems at birth with Heart, Breathing, or in the brain. The reason explained was that the poison from mother’s blood, enters the child’s system and thus destroys the child’s  Red Blood Cells and causes the child to have heart and breathing problems, which eventually causes the child’s death.” Doctors had explained all the above medical facts to me and I had explained these medical facts to my wife in order to prepare her for the eventual death of our child. Therefore, my first wife can get pregnant and give birth to a baby.  Owing to Her Blood type : RH negative, her newborn baby will have heart and breathing problems and will die. Any babies born from my first wife, will die. She can never give birth to a healthy baby that will stay alive.