The Story of the only daughter of Princess Soraya!!

by Mr Hassan ABBASI "Siyavash Avesta"

According to our good friend and colleague Dr Alamooti who wrote an article in
this paper number: 663:
“Princess Soraya wrote in her book that she was able to have children. Her Blood
type was not compatible to the Shah of Iran Blood type.
There were 12 different tests made on me and the Shah out of Iran.The tests
confirmed we were both healthy and could have children.”

In the Book written by Princess Soraya and translated to various languages and
published all over the world, she writes:
“After many examinations made on me, all the results confirmed that I could have

Apparently, The Princess has a daughter? She is almost 40 years old . She found
out from various means from the age of 18 that she is the daughter of Princess
Soraya. She does not want to open the curtain on her true identity.
The reasons are:
--She is scared of the families that brought her up.
--She is aware and scared of all the murders and deaths that happened to
Princess Soraya’s lovers and friends.
--She does not want to ruin her own life
--And many more reasons

According to the tapes recorded by this girl’s voice. From 1994 she tried to
send messages to the Princess with her own voice. She actually, knew everything
around 1980 , but the Princess does not meet her. The reason, was the life of
this girl and the Princess feared for the life of this girl.
The Princess assigns a few people. To look after the girl in terms of
finance,Studies and her life.
At present, this girl has a very good situation and comfort in life and her
According to the tapes she sent the Princess from: 1994  to: 2000 ,She wanted
To know for sure where she comes from and to hold the Princess in her arms.

She has described her life which is sad and happy at the same time to the
Princess in various tapes. The tapes are from 60 to 90 minutes in duration.
The tapes were sent on: March,1994, April,1994, October 1994, January 1995,
March 1998, January 1999, October 1999, October 2000.

According to the picture in this newspaper, She really looks like Princess
Soraya. Apparently, her father was a rich American Businessman. He was married
with children. He never thought being with Princess Soraya would result in the
Princess having a daughter.

The choice of the family who brought up this girl, was planned. The mother who
brought her up also has coloured eyes. According to the 9 tapes, this girl
Finds out about her true mother at the age of 18. She starts communicating with
the Princess’s family. She travels to Munich with her adopted mother in one of
the years of 1980. The intention was to see the Princess. The Princess and her
father refuse to meet with the girl.
Another year, she travels to Munich with a common friend of her and the
Princess. Bijan, the Princess’s brother, enters the field. Again, she is not
successful in meeting the Princess.

We would like to ask you ,”Saying Princess Soraya has a daughter, is to the loss
of which group of people?” 

1—The Killers and people who are managing the Finances of Princess Soraya

2—The risk is that it was inappropriate to say the Princess did not have any
children from Shah of Iran, but she had a child out of marriage, from an
American lover?

3—Maybe the American Businessman, did not want to make public that he has a
daughter out of wedlock from Princess Soraya. The reason is that he was married
and had children.

We have to wait and research this subject deeper and report it in the future
newspapers that will be printed.