I am the daughter of Princess Soraya!?    
Author: Mr Hassan ABBASI "Siyavash Avesta"

Three months ago I wrote an article about the mysterious deaths of Princess
Soraya and her brother Bijan , both died alone.
In that article, I said after their deaths, there will be people claiming to be
Their family or relatives. I never thought I will be presenting a girl who
To be Princess Soraya’s daughter.
These days, all the furniture and antiques of the Princess’s house is being
Auctioned from : 3000 Euro  We wait to see what is the highest price
For the Princess’s jewellery, paintings, plates and cutlery etc.

Our girl ( daughter of Princess Soraya) who has the beautiful eyes of
The Princess Soraya and the brain of an American Businesswoman, 
is slowly coming out from behind the curtains, talking And causing others to
talk as well. 

Since childhood this girl felt that the parents who brought her up are not
Her real parents. She heard sentences such as: 
--Take care of this child, 
--She is at our care and we must make special efforts in caring for her, 
--The adopted Grand Mother who knew everything about the adoption used to say:
“Her mother is famous worldwide”

In our last article on 10 Jan.,2002, we wrote that this girl tried to get in
touch with Princess Soraya (her real mother) from the age of :18 years old.
Her adopted mother and her travel to Munich in 1982 in order to meet Princess
Soraya. Princess’s father, does not accept them and they do not succeed in
Meeting Princess Soraya. After the trip. The adopted mother denies that
She is the adopted mother and claims to be the real mother. This claim continues
for almost 20 years until now.
Princess’s daughter does not give up and continues with her studies, success
In life and finding the truth about her parents.

After the last article on 10 Jan.,2002 the adopted mother starts talking and
telling the truth ,She is kind and has worked hard for years for the success
Of her adopted daughter.
 The adopted mother story is:

After the divorce of Princess Soraya and the Shah of Iran, many young girls
Send their pictures to the court in Iran in order to be the future wife of the
King. The adopted mother who was 17 or 18 years old at the time and looked
Like Princess Soraya and studied in Paris, sends her pictures to the court in
Iran.  She is invited to Iran to meet the Shah of Iran. She fails on 2 points:
1—She was not tall enough
2—Serious Blood problem which stops her from having a child

Therefore, the adopted mother who was upset about the 2 reasons above,returns to
Paris to continue her studies.
She meets a young Iranian doctor in Paris and returns to Iran to marry him.
The adopted mother’s gaenocologist (Dr Entekhabi) repeats to this girl
That  if she gets pregnant the child will not be healthy and the child’s blood
Will need to be changed several times. Therefore, the doctor confirms that
She should not get pregnant.
Unfortunately, the adopted mother gets pregnant and when she gives birth
To a girl, the doctors keep this baby in an incubator and change the baby’s
blood several times.
Afterwards, a lady dressed as a nurse ( who was not a real nurse) brings the
Princess’s child to Pars hospital in Iran. The adopted mother was in Pars
hospital. This new child is presented to the adopted mother in this hospital.
The adopted father (who was a doctor for the Army) explains to his wife that:
Their real baby is dead, This new  baby is from  very famous parents. She should
be treated with respect And great care. The baby belongs to Princess Soraya.
The adopted father was very happy and was dancing to music, while the adopted
mother was concerned about bringing up a child which does not belong to her.
The resemblance of Princess Soraya to the adopted mother was the main reason for
giving the Princess’s baby to this Iranian family in Iran.
The team of Reporters will investigate further and dig deeper in order to
provide more proof to the world.
If the adopted parents and those who know all the details of this story come
Forward and explain the details, new doors will open.
We can even go to court and perform DNA. Then, all the fans of Princess Soraya
will be able to follow the story of the Princess’s daughter.

The Princess’s daughter has called our team of reporters many times
In order to say this: “ She did not want to commit suicide, she will not commit
Suicide, she likes to live.”

During the Princess’s funeral, there were not family members in the front seat
In the church. The Princess had asked to burn her body after death. Actually,
Her body is buried in Munich and during the Burial ceremony only 5 friends
Attended the burial.

One of Princess’s friends who attended the Paris funeral felt sick in the
church. She was taken to the back of the church and that night she died in
hospital. She never found out about the story of Princess Soraya daughter.

Since the last article on 10 Jan.,2002 many girls have claimed to be the
Princess’s daughter.
1—An Iranian girl in Iran, had printed the article from the internet and
showed her friends. Claiming she is the Princess’s daughter.
2—An Iranian Lady in Paris said the girl is has been living for 15 years
in Versailles in France.
3—Iranians in London and Geneva claim this girl is living there
4—A girl in NewYork had thrown a party for 20 of her American and European
friends in New York and claimed that she was Princess Soraya daughter.

Our team of reporters will continue their research and investigation about this
Story and we will publish more articles about this girl.