Persia, from thousands of years ago until today

Persia, well well well, how many times have we heard this word! And listened or read its stories.

Its king, Syrus the great who have saved the Jews of Babel!! Or Esther, the wife of another Persian king...and again the magi, who were the messenger of the Persian king, for saving the little Jesus and his mother from the Romans massacre by financing his voyage of many years or again the thousand and one nights which was created at Baghdad, a city with a Persian name which means godly given!!!

And in the heart of Persia with the abbasside khalif who governed with wisdom and intellect by forgetting the Moslem fundamentalism for more than 400 years and at last the great Persian scholars who, for staying alive, have accepted to be a Moslem by formality but they were always loyal to the ancient Persian thought of Avesta, of Avicenne, the father of medicine, until Farabi who is the person who created and wrote the music notes and Omar Khayyam, great mathematician, astrologer, philosopher who said the human philosophy by a few quatrains.

With Montesquieu and how can we be a persian, Nietsh, Voltaire, Millet, Miller, Bartolome, Goethe and many more European scholars who wrote many things about the Persians thought...

And finally, the 7000 years of Pesrian art exposition, organised in 1961 at the grand palace of Paris which was inaugurated by Charles de Gaulle and André Malraux or even the same exposition at Bonn in 2000, Vienna in 2001, Brussels in 2002...

...And here is the book, which will give you a few drops of 7000 years of Persian civilisation...


Persia 7000 years of civilizations


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