ABBASI david hassan

Persane پارسی Français

Siavash Avesta

I am a follower of AVESTA!


From AVESTA, wisdom tendency, kindness, Aryan, Persian, Mithraism to Zoroaster, the messenger of well thinking, well talking and well acting to Manes, a thinker and artist who has drown what Buddha and Jesus had thought…to Mazdak, the first socialist in the world to Cyrus the great whom has been mentioned both in Old Testament and history as the saviour of Jews and one who has written the first human rights’ law and also to the Iranians’ artistic, historic, civilized and thoughtful resistance against Arabs’ attack and Islamic fanaticism by means of the quatrains of  scholar Omar Khayyam Neyshapoori and the lyric poems of Hafiz Shirazi … and 7000 years old hills located in Silak Kashan and Pamir plains in Tajikistan and Buddha’s statues in Afghanistan … and fire-temples in Azerbaijan and the burned city in Sistan and Baluchistan… and 7000 years proud history of the people who have lived in Iran’s great plateau by their different culture from Ilamids to Medes.

To find out more about the historical precedent of my people and my country and also about our laic and wise thoughts read this book.