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List of Names and their relationship to Firouzeh:

--Dr Gholam Hussein : The gentleman who accepted Firouzeh as his daughter

and gave Firouzeh her surname

--Adopted Mother: The lady who accepted Firouzeh as her daughter and brought her up

--Mr Batmanghelich: First cousin of Firouzeh’s adopted mother

--The German Ambassador: An honourable Ambassador who helped Firouzeh in her search for German Government office holding Princess Soraya estate.

--Adopted Grandmother: Firouzeh’s Adopted Grand Mother from her adopted mother side

--Adopted Aunt and Adopted uncle: Firouzeh’s Adopted mother sister and brother respectively

--Mr Khalil Esfandiary Bakhtiary: Father of Princess Soraya

--Mrs Eva Esfandiary Bakhtiary: Mother of Princess Soraya

--Bijan: Princess Soraya brother

--Marie Louise: Princess Soraya secretary

--Dundee: Princess Soraya white dog

--Mr David Abbasi: The Gentleman who performed the TV interview with Firouzeh

--Firouzeh: The daughter of Princess Soraya by an American Businessman

after Princess Soraya divorced the Shah of Iran

Mr David Abbasi: Today we would like to interview Ms Firouzeh, the daughter of Princess Soraya. She resembles her famous mother’s looks and they look like each other. Reporters found out about Firouzeh’s true identity in Jan 2002 and published many articles about her interesting life in Iranian newspapers and on the internet site:


Many people asked numerous questions about details of Firouzeh’s life and her birth. We have now asked Firouzeh to perform her first ever TV interview with Mehr TV and try to answer some of our readers’ questions.

Firouzeh has Bsc (Hons) in Computer Science and she has worked for various large international companies for 14 years. She has reached senior positions in her career and she has continuously studied to update her knowledge.

Firouzeh has also studied Phisiotherapy, Beauty Therapy and has achieved the highest qualification in this field as well. She is an active and hard working girl, who has had an unusual life. God has given Firouzeh: Beauty, Health, Sharp Brain, Discipline, Determination, Famous parents, and above all God truly loves this girl.


1--Mr David Abbasi: Ms Firouzeh, Are you sure that Princess Soraya is your mother?

1--Firouzeh: I was unofficially told that I am from different parents at the age of 8. My adopted grand mother constantly showed me pictures of Princess Soraya and explained to me about her life. She used to say I looked very much like her and she prayed to God that I would have a happier life than Princess Soraya. I was young and thought my grand mother is telling me stories.

As I grew up, I wondered if those words were real or false.

I was confused at times and I found it difficult to adapt to the life that was

arranged for me. I tried to understand what was different about me and my adopted family. I did not know for sure they were my adopted parents.

I listened carefully to various conversations about me and tried to analyse the sentences. At the age of 18 I was sure I was adopted but I needed confirmation from my adopted parents. I was officially told by my adopted mother that I was in fact Princess Soraya’s daughter.

2-- Mr David Abbasi: Do you have any memories from Princess Soraya when you were a child?

2--Firouzeh: I remember clearly that I had 2 mothers. One mother had bigger Breasts and was bigger physically. The other mother had smaller breasts and was physically smaller.

One mother had smooth skin, the other had different skin.

I used to get confused as a child about my mother’s personality.

One mother was patient and I felt love and peace whilst I was with her.

The other mother was less loving and tense.

I called both of them:""Maman""

I knew my real mother by her body, skin, breasts and instinct.

3-- Mr David Abbasi: From Childhood, when did you first feel and realize that you are the daughter of Princess Soraya?

3—Firouzeh: From the beginning I felt there was something about my real parents which was hidden. The reasons are:

a) I did not have strong feelings for my adopted aunt and uncle.

They did not show me any Love at all. They showed signs of jealousy and


b) My Character was very different from my adopted mother even though we looked alike.

c) I heard conversations about myself, which proved I belonged to another family. For ex: One day my adopted mother and my adopted grand mother and I were in a car. My adopted grand mother said: "" this child has been given to us in Trust. Princess Soraya, her mother, will kill us if anything happens to her""

Another time I read a letter written by my adopted mother referring to me

as Princess and referring to Princess Soraya.

Another time I overheard a conversation where my adopted mother said:’’ I can not do bad things to this girl. She belongs to another family. I would have treated her differently if she was my own daughter""

When I grew up and realized I am definitely adopted, I wanted to find out the true identity of my parents. I knew I was Princess Soraya’s daughter but I also knew that the Shah of Iran and Princess Soraya divorced for not having a child. This was the most complex question in my brain for years.

The issue was: I knew Princess Soraya was my real mother. I knew Princess Soraya did not get pregnant from the Shah of Iran.

I felt uncomfortable about these 2 scenarios for many years.They contradicted each other.

I was only relieved when at the age of 18; my adopted mother confirmed I was

Princess Soraya‘s daughter and my father was an American businessman.


4-- Mr David Abbasi: Do you have any recollection of Princess Soraya holding you.

4—Firouzeh: Yes, I knew I have 2 mothers all the while. I know and in fact it has been proven, Princess Soraya, my real mother, has breast-fed me. When she could not do that, I was given dried milk. My adopted mother has blood problems and she can not give birth to a healthy child. She can get pregnant and carry the baby for 9 months, but when the baby is born due to breathing problems and various medical problems the baby will die. Therefore, my adopted mother could not breast feed me. If I was breast fed by my adopted mother I would have died just like her real baby who died after birth in Pars hospital in Tehran.

I remember clearly when I was 5 years old I asked my adopted mother when will my mother come to see me?

In reply to this question, my adopted mother got extremely angry and said I am your mother and I do not want you, to ask these questions again.

The reason my adopted mother got angry is simple. I was supposed to be their daughter forever, holding the fake birth certificate, fake passport, fake name and surname, and having adopted parents. I was not supposed to ever find out about my real parents and my real identity.

I am sharp and I have an active brain which allows me to remember many details and store them in my brain. This has amazed many work friends and family friends and they wonder how I can remember so much about events.

5-- Mr David Abbasi: Did your adopted parents hurt you in any way. Did you actually feel that they are not your real parents?

5—Firouzeh: I always loved and cared deeply for my adopted mother. I actually, wanted to believe she is my real mother. We had completely different characters and beliefs. I could not understand her behaviour, but I still loved her. As I grew up and started analysing myself and my adopted mother I realised she can not be my real mother. This analysis helped me to understand her personality. I then, found it easier to communicate with her.

She loved me in her own way. She has found it difficult to understand me

and my beliefs. Naturally, all parents argue with their children. We are

no exception. I worry about her well being and I care about her tremendously.

I respect and love my adopted father, Dr Gholam Hussein. I did not

see him or spend time with him for 23 years. I met him in 2002 after the

news about my true identity broke in the media. He is a kind and sociable

person. We do not have a lot in common . He cares for me too.

I will always bear his surname.

6--Mr David Abbasi:Firouzeh’s adopted mother was nominated to marry the Shah of Iran after Princess Soraya divorced the Shah. The adopted parents of Firouzeh studied in Paris for years. In those days, the court of Iran performed medical tests on potential girls who may have become the new Empress of Iran. According to these tests, Firouzeh’s adopted mother was not chosen to marry the Shah of Iran. The tests revealed the blood problems and RH negative of Firouzeh’s adopted mother and proved she could not give birth to a healthy baby.

7-- Mr David Abbasi: How has the financial situation of your adopted family, changed since your adoption.

7--Firouzeh: My adopted family has denied that they received financial support from Princess Soraya. I respect their words and stay quiet about this matter.

8-- Mr David Abbasi: I have researched a lot about the financial situation of Firouzeh’s adopted parents. I have found out that they have received financial help and support from the Princess in an indirect way. In order to erase any trace of this support, the financial help, has been provided in a complex manner.

9-- Mr David Abbasi:Did Princess Soraya provide Financial or emotional support for you through third parties.

9—Firouzeh: Yes. Princess Soraya provided financial and emotional support through an Iranian Gentleman. I will call him Mr X. He knew my adopted family and I, in Tehran. We did not socialise with him but we knew him from a distance. In 1982, my adopted mother and I travelled to Munich, Germany for Christmas in order to meet Princess Soraya. My real grandfather, Mr Bakhtiary stopped us from meeting her daughter. He talked to my adopted mother over the telephone as follows:" Have you forgotten our promises and Bond. You promised to keep this secret of Firouzeh’s adoption, for the rest of your life and you promised to my daughter and I, you would never talk about Firouzeh ‘s adoption. You can not meet my daughter. "

My adopted mother and I returned from Munich,Germany failing to meet Princess Soraya, and my life was drastically changed. I will explain about this dramatic situation in my book later.

Mr X, slowly came to my life and we were good friends after a few years.

He showed friendship,advice and made me laugh. He bought gifts of reasonable value for me. He was a guardian, father, brother, and a mentor.

He helped me when I had family problems.

He brought up the subject of Princess Soraya in 1987 and we never stopped

talking about Princess Soraya and my adoption after that.

In 1987 one night over dinner, Mr X looked very sad and uneasy. I asked about his health and wondered what was wrong with him. He asked me if I will be shocked to find out about my real mother. I, casually said, I know. I went to see my real mother in 1982. Mr X looked shocked and his face transformed into surprise. He then asked me the name of my real mother. I refused to give the name. I insisted, Mr X should give the name first as he brought up the subject first. Eventually, he gave the name of Princess Soraya and I approved.

I told him, I knew of my true identity from early years in my life.

Mr X then told me he was a messenger from Princess Soraya. He was responsible to support me in any way possible and help me overcome my problems. He told me to ask him for clothes, jewellery and what ever else I needed. I never accepted financial help from Mr X.

In 1992 he offered to take me to Munich,Germany to see Princess Soraya.

It was May 1992; we drove to Munich and stayed in Sheraton Hotel. This was the same hotel that I stayed in in 1982 when I went to see Princess Soraya.

May was the birthday of Eva, Princess Soraya’s mother and all the family gathered in Munich to wish Eva, a happy birthday. We tried to meet the Princess and again it was not possible. I was completely heartbroken and I tried to overcome this emotional setback for a second time. Mr X suggested we go to Lugano in Switzerland and relax. We then drove to Paris for a last attempt to meet Princess Soraya.

In Paris in 1992 I decided I must find out the address of Princess Soraya.

I will explain in my book how I succeeded in finding her address. One day I got a taxi and went to Princess Soraya residence. I claimed to be a friend of Bijan, Princess Soraya’s brother. I was allowed into her flat and Marie Louis the secretary of Princess greeted me. I saw my real mother in the corridor and I said hello. She was visibly shocked and looked surprised. Princess Soraya did not expect me to go into her residence unannounced.

She looked frozen from shock. I started talking to Marie Louise and Dundee the white dog of Princess came to play with me. I had one eye on the Princess, one eye on Dundee and I was very excited and happy about this achievement. I asked Marie Louis for the postal address and Tel no of the Princess and she asked for approval from the Princess. My real mother nodded her head. Marie Louise wrote all the information and I thanked her. She then hugged me and I will never forget that hug and warm friendly feeling from her.

I said goodbye to my mother and went out.

I was so excited and happy that I decided to go to a coffee bar nearby called: Bar de Theatre in Avenue Montaigne. I needed to get my thoughts and feelings in order. Unfortunately, I met a friend and he sat at my table and started talking about his program. I was not in the right frame of mind and I just wanted to be alone. . I will explain more details in my book later.

After the Iranian revolution, my adopted mother and I travelled extensively in Europe and America, I used to see Princess Soraya in these trips and I knew she is my mother. The Princess never talked to my adopted mother and I.

She looked at me and always I felt her gaze. I knew if I try to speak to her, she would not be comfortable. I was happy I could see her from close. The Princess followed us on more than 10 trips and I always saw her, looking intently at me. All these stamps of travels are in my passport.

Princess Soraya wanted me to believe I am the child of my adopted parents . She followed me on my trips but tried to keep her distance from me . Princess Soraya was content by looking at me from a distance and not talking to me . The first time we talked, was when I went to her residence unannounced in Paris. She had planned my adoption with great care and she did not want anyone to break this secret. I broke this secret and I needed to know my real identity and who my real parents are. I had to see her and talk to her and find out for myself if she was my real mother. I consider this my true right and I do not consider this a sin or a mistake .

My adopted parents have signed a Declaration under oath in the presence of lawyers. In this Declaration, it is stated that my adopted mother explained the details of our trips, to Princess Soraya and the Princess came to see me and be close to me. Princess Soraya came to most of the locations I travelled to.Princess Soraya did not talk to me or to my adopted mother , she was happy watching me form a distance.

10-- Mr David Abbasi:Is it true that while Princess Soraya was Queen of Iran,they had performed an operation to take out her womb.

10--Firouzeh: This is not correct. She has confirmed in her Interview with Hello Magazine no:147 in 1992: "" All examinations affirmed I could have children"" She has clearly stated that she could have children and in fact did.

According to Dr Gholamhossein (my adopted father):

"While engaged to the Shah of Iran, Princess Soraya

caught Typhoid. The Tubes in the Womb closed and she could not get pregnant. After many years without any medication or help, the tubes opened up. Princess Soraya could then become pregnant."


11-- Mr David Abbasi: I have researched Princess Soraya’s life extensively.

I have come across a book which details her life year by year and explains about her whereabouts. In this book which I am showing on Mehr TV you can see that the Princess was not present in any society or event from: Early 1960 until Christmas 1962. Therefore, for 3 years Princess Soraya was not in any public event or photo. She was not photographed at all. We understand that Firouzeh was born in 1961 and she was about 7 or 8 months when she was given to the adopted parents. This is proof that the Princess was pregnant and in hiding for 3 years. She was seen for the first time in public in Christmas 1962.

This is when Firouzeh was living with her adopted parents.

Princess Soraya started filming the " Three faces of a woman " on 12 March 1963.

Firouzeh was not born in a hospital and definitely she was not born in Tehran.

The Princess gave birth to Firouzeh in private and away from reporters.

12-- Mr David Abbasi: Will you do anything to get Princess Soraya’s wealth.

12--Firouzeh: My real mother, Princess Soraya wrote a Will under French law.

According to this will, she divided her wealth between a number of charities. I respected her wishes and I did not want to fight her Will. I have also written a Will, which will give all my moderate wealth to Iranian charities. I have never been married and I do not have any children. I was happy that my mother and I had wished for our wealth to be given to charities.

Later, I was told that the German government had stopped Princess Soraya‘s Will. Princess Soraya had declared her domicile German, after her divorce from the Shah of Iran. According to German law she should have written her will under German law. Therefore, they did not give any of Princess Soraya’s wealth to charities. This wealth is frozen under German law until a suitable inheritor is found. At this point, there were a number of people contacting me to pursue my real mother’s wealth. I realized, if I do not do, all the wealth will be used for upkeep of German cities.

We asked an ambassador who is German and has held prominent positions in Germany and abroad, to find the firm of lawyers dealing with Princess Soraya wealth. The ambassador was very helpful and directed us to the correct firm in Cologne, Germany. This Firm is appointed by German government to deal with all of Princess Soraya’s family wealth in the world.

The Ambassador helped us tremendously and we exchanged faxes and telephone calls over 6 months prior to going to Germany.

13-- Mr David Abbasi: I have seen and analyzed the file of evidences.

There have been many faxes exchanged between Firouzeh’s adopted father and the ambassador and the German lawyers. The adopted parents have signed a detailed Declaration under oath as well. In the declaration, there are details of Firouzeh’s adoption and dealings with Princess Soraya and her father.

I have studied carefully all the documents and I understand, how hard Firouzeh and her adopted father worked to prepare all the evidences for

The German lawyers. I am grateful to Dr Gholam Hussein ( adopted father) for helping Firouzeh and going with her to Cologne, Germany to meet the German lawyers. Firouzeh’s adopted mother also accompanied them to Cologne and met with the German lawyers. She showed confidence and was brave to attend such sensitive meeting. She has worked hard to bring up Firouzeh, well. Really, she is a mother for Firouzeh and she deserves a great Thankyou for accepting Firouzeh and helping her through her life.

I know, Firouzeh loves her adopted mother very much and is grateful to her.


14-- Mr David Abbasi: Please explain more about your trip to Cologne, Germany. What happened?

14—Firouzeh:I did not want to fight my real mother’s will, until I realized

this wealth will not be given to charities. I only started proceedings for my inheritance after I found out the German government will spend this wealth for upkeep of German cities. If the wealth had gone to charities, I would not have followed it.

I have left my moderate wealth to Iranian charities and a few friends.

I am alone; I can not possibly spend all this money alone. If I had received my share of inheritance, I would have given it, to Iranian charities.

The German lawyers asked for a number of documents such as:

a) Declaration signed by adopted parents under oath in front of lawyers.

b) A report on adopted mother medical condition and why her baby died.

c)A number of detailed questions, which my adopted parents, had to answer under oath in front of lawyers.

d) A recording of voice explaining my adoption, this had to be stamped by lawyers as proof of voice from my adopted parents.

After the German lawyers read the above evidences, then they invited my adopted parents and I to Cologne, Germany. We had an interesting meeting with the German lawyers. We discussed many details about my past and Princess Soraya’s past. It was agreed that we must bring a signature or handwriting from Princess Soraya or her father to these German lawyers.

Only then, we will be allowed to get a lawyer and go to Berlin, Germany and present our case in court. Without this signature from PrincessSoraya, it will be impossible to pursue this case under German law.

My adopted father, Dr Gholam Hussein said ;" I will return to Iran, and search for some documents to prove Firouzeh’s Identity. Please note that 40 years has passed since I accepted Firouzeh.

Iran went through a big revolution in 1979 and they burnt the banks, offices and killed many people. My house was burglarized 2 times after the revolution and many valuable items were taken. I will try to search for documents, but after 40 years I may not be able to find them. "


After my adopted father returned to Tehran and informed me that he could not find the evidence, my case was frozen under German law.

German law is very strict and they will not bend the rules.

If there are no suitable inheritors found within a year or two, then all of Princess Soraya’s wealth will be used to clean the German cities and maintain them.

15-- Mr David Abbasi: People are free to write their Will under any law and in any country. Princess Soraya wished to leave her wealth to charities, but the German government has stopped her wishes .

Are you able to produce an evidence for getting your share of inheritance?

15—Firouzeh: I do not know if my adopted parents will ever give me this evidence. I want to say something from my heart, had I received this wealth, I would have opened a hospital for poor people in Iran. I wanted it to be in suburbs of Iran, where people do not have access to medical treatments.

I wanted the hospital to treat patients for free and not accept money.

I would have sent qualified doctors from West to Iran to train these Iranian doctors and then treat the poor people who can not afford medical treatment.

I spoke about the above intention with my adopted father. He and his family are doctors and they have a lot of experience in this field.

I still have this wish and I like to open such a hospital in Iran eventually.

I regularly send money to Iranian charities for disabled children and disabled old people. I like to help the poor and the sick.

16-- Mr David Abbasi: I have seen the letters received by Firouzeh from Iranian charities. She has regularly sent money to Iran and the charities have sent thankyou letters to her.

We hope, Firouzeh gets her share of inheritance and be able to share part of this wealth with Iranians.

I have also found out that Princess Soraya had various accounts in other tax-free countries under different names. One account was under the name of: "Zuccarello" means little sugar in Italian.

The German government has frozen all of these accounts.

17-- Mr David Abbasi:How did you find out about Princess Soraya’s death?

17—Firouzeh: I found out about PrincessSoraya’s death as follows:

Mr X, left a message on my home answering machine on 25 Oct.,2002. I got home around 10pm from work, and listened to the message. I closed my eyes and felt everything turning. I could not cry nor shout. I just stood silently in my bedroom for some time. It felt like I had not digested the news. All night I tossed and turned. The next day I did not go to work and called Mr X. He was polite and asked to see me.

I arranged to see him that Saturday 27 Oct. 2002. I could not work or concentrate on anything. I could not cry either. I walked in my lounge for a long time and tried to think and find out why the Princess died so suddenly.

Later that day, I brought out all of her pictures and slowly cried. The

tears became stronger and I became hysterical, shouting in the lounge.

I kept asking myself how did she die? I wanted to know more, but

I could not talk to anyone except Mr X. No one knew of my true identity.

My adopted parents were in Iran at the time. They were the only people who knew of my true identity. I wanted to mourn my mother’s death, but

I could not. I was not allowed to mourn my real mother’s death.

I was prohibited to wear black and tell my friends and office that my mother is dead. I was supposed to be Ms Firouzeh, daughter of my adopted parents.

They were both alive.

I met Mr X on that Saturday. We had a long chat. He said:

""You may have a Letter or some valuables from your mother. She has left them to me. I am honest and honourable; I will give them to you. Once I had a friend who died and left his wealth to me as a trustee of her 2 daughters.

I took them to the Bank in Switzerland and gave them each their share.""

I then explained to Mr X that I was in touch with the Princess. He was

Surprised and asked how.

I replied to him: "’ I have been sending tapes to the Princess since 1994.

I said my entire Life Story in these tapes. I said many good things about you and Mr Batmanghelich. I asked the Princess to leave my share of inheritance to you and Mr Batmanghelich. ""

Mr X nodded his head and realised I had praised him and Mr Batmanghelich for all the good they had done for me.

Mr X said he was going to Paris to meet the rest of Princess Soraya’s

friends. He suggested I go with him, but I refused. My reason was my job.

I could not suddenly disappear from the office . We agreed that Mr X would go to Paris that Sunday 28 Oct.,2002 and stay in touch with me. He was supposed to tell me the date of the Funeral and then I would go to the funeral with prior arrangement in my office.

Mr X called me from Eurostar on 28 Oct.,2002 and then did not call anymore.

I started panicking and calling him non stop. He had his Mobile off most

of the time. When he picked up the Mobile, He would talk for 1 minute

and put the phone down again. I was extremely confused and angry

at this treatment. I could not understand why the man who supported

me since 1986 would change over night. I cried uncontrollably

In my house and in the car. I cried at night and the next day I looked

sick and pale in the office. I dressed in dark colours and my colleagues

realized something was wrong.

I continued calling Mr X on his mobile but he refused to speak with me

always finding an excuse and putting the phone down.

I found alternate routes and found out the date of my mother’s funeral.

Knowing the date calmed me down and I got permission from my office

to go for 2 days to Paris. I just said that a lady who was like a mother to

me has died and I am going for her funeral.

One day when Mr X picked up the mobile, I asked him why he was acting

in this strange manner. He said ""they killed everyone,do you want to be the next one to die?

I can not help or support you any more. I have done a lot up to now for your mother Princess Soraya and you. . I can not do anything for you anymore. Everything I have received is my Pay for all the good I did. ""


18-- Mr David Abbasi: Did you attend the funeral and ceremony of Princess Soraya in Paris in Nov 2001?

18—Firouzeh: Yes, I went to Paris for the funeral under a different name.

I flew to Paris on 5 Nov.,2002 and stayed in Hotel California Rue de Berri.

The next day, I dressed in Black and walked to the American Church in

Avenue George V. I was calm and sad. The priest asked if I was friend or family? I thought about his question and replied in my heart, I am her

Daughter. I then answered with a quiet voice: ""I am a friend""

The priest showed me to one of the rows of benches. I sat there analysing and looking at the people in the church. They were calm and polite.

No one was really sad or in tears. I had told myself that I should not show

any emotion. I was supposed to be a Friend only.

Inside myself, there was fire. I felt my lips going dry and my body

trembling when the Coffin arrived. It was covered with Blue velvet and

the ushers laid a beautiful wreath of flowers on top of it.

I was sitting in an aisle seat and I could touch the Coffin. I wanted to scream to the world :"" This is my mother and I Love her"" I could not even cry as I was not supposed to. I kept seeing Princess Soraya in a White Trousers Suit, sitting on top of her coffin. She was calm and happy and looked at the ceremony .I constantly saw her dressed like that and happy.

This vision of my mother, relaxed me and gave me the peace of mind

that she was all right.

I do not speak French and unfortunately the ceremony was in French.

I did not understand most of the speeches and I had my eyes on the Princess sitting on top of the coffin with her hair beautifully coiffed.

When the ushers came to take the coffin out, I almost heard myself

Say: "" Goodbye Mother"". I controlled myself so hard that the voice

stayed inside me and did not dare leave my mouth. You see, I was

supposed to be a Firend, How Dare I say : Mother!!!

I tried to leave the church as soon as the ceremony was finished, but

there were many people and I had to wait in the queue. One of

Princess Soraya’s male friends who had seen me in the ceremony was

standing next to me. He was staring at me and I put my head down. I did

not want him to see the tears In my eyes and running down my face.

I left the church and ran to the bathroom in the Hotel George V.

I arranged to meet an Iranian Lady who knew Princess Soraya very well for a tea. She was also in the church and met me in Hotel Geoge V.

We went for tea to Café Laudrette in Champs Elysees.

We talked about the Princess and when she was the Empress of Iran.

This Lady had spent most of her life in the Iranian court and knew a lot

about the Princess’s early years.

She asked me if I knew the Princess and I replied: I was a friend.

19—Mr David Abbasi:How do you feel now that everyone knows your true identity?

19—Firouzeh:This is an interesting question. No one has asked me this since the News was published in media. I have lived most of life knowing I am someone else.

I have lived as Firouzeh, adopted daughter of my adopted parents.

I knew officially from the age of 18 that I am Princess Soraya’s daughter.

I could never tell my friends about my true identity as they would think I have lost my mind. Now, I can be myself and I do not need to hide anything.

Some people think all this is untrue, others who know me and my adopted Parents, understand that this is True. My adopted parents hid this subject almost 40 years because they had promised never to talk about this.

They only spoke in public and to the media after the news was published.

They realised there is no point in hiding this adoption.

I am relieved that the news is out and in the open.

20-- Mr David Abbasi:After we reported in the media and on the internet about your true identity, how did friends and family treat you?


20—Firouzeh: I need to pay special tribute to my adopted mother’s cousin Mr Batmanghelich. He has been everything that I never had. He has been a true friend, mentor and I trust him. Without him, I would have found it difficult to deal with problems.

My adopted family from my mother side are in 2 groups. The group in America treated me well and with understanding.

The group in Iran did not take the situation well. They put a lot of pressure on my adopted mother and she almost broke under pressure.

I have never been treated fairly by my adopted Aunt and Uncle. They have treated me worse than an enemy. Especially my adopted uncle. He is a Fake person. He has no respect for anyone except his own well being.

He has treated me very badly and I have forgiven him.

My adopted parents divorced when I was 6 years old. They both remarried.

My stepfather (second husband of adopted mother) has scarred me emotionally and I will explain part of this in my biography. One important point to mention here is: I will have a special relationship with my adopted mother and her current husband or her family should not ask her to stop seeing me. They need to understand that she is my only family and they need to respect this.

My adopted family in Iran and my adopted uncle in US have tried hard to ruin the relationship I have with my adopted mother. They need to stop and think.

They cause pain for my adopted mother and I. They have not helped or

supported us ever. They do not like me and since I was a child they

have tried to put me down and represent me as the Black Sheep in the family.

I have forgiven them, but we wait and see if God will forgive their awful behaviour.

21-- Mr David Abbasi:Do you have any proof that the parents who brought you up are not your real Parents.

21--Firouzeh: In April 2002, My adopted parents and I decided to perform DNA with an established Laboratory. We performed Blood DNA and Saliva DNA.

The results confirm that I am not their daughter. This proves that my adopted parents told the truth.

22-- Mr David Abbasi:Firouzeh, what is your last wish and your last sentence to our viewers all over the world?

22—Firouzeh:I want to thank my adopted parents for bringing me up. I am sorry I was an unannounced child given to them. I did not have any control or say over whom I was given to. I love both of my adopted parents and I consider them like my real parents. Although I spent 8 years with my real mother Princess Soraya, I still, consider my adopted parents as my parents. I want to thank the German ambassador, Mr Batmanghelich and Mr X for helping me through my difficulties and problems. I have a strong belief in God, but I do not believe in any particular religion.Religions cause war and death in most cases. I feel very close to God and I consider him, to be everything in my life. My belief in God helped me to study and work and be healthy. I never pursued drugs, smoking and alcohol.I believe, my faith in God has pulled me out of many difficulties and has given me strength to deal with all my problems in my life.For me there are 3 things which are important : 1 God, 2 God, 3 God

Thankyou and may God be your support too.