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List of books written by

Hassan ABBASI(Siyavash AWESTA)  Persia 7000 years of civilisation

This book in 3 languges

جهان آريائی با بيش از هفت هزار سال پيشينه تمدن به سه زبان پارسی فرانسوی و انگليسی

1 - The ridiculous people of our country (in Persian)

A few comic sketches written when he was 17 and banned after they were published.

2 - Schiism in Iran (in Persian)

Historic research on the fight the Persian people carried on against the Muslim invasion by creating a political movement named schiism which was diverted for centuries by religious and political leaders ... in order to obtain power, the last one was diverted by KHOMEINI.

3 - The master of the Revolution (in Arabic)

Analysis of Ali SHARIATI's ideas and character who, after he got his DEUG of Sociology degree, went to Iran and played a rather important role to Islamize Iranian youth and society and lead them towards a Revolution the ayatollahs look advantage of.

4 - Yes indeed, that's the way it was, brother (translated from Persian into Arabic) Speech of Ali SHARIATI

5 - Islam without moulla! (in Persian)

Historic research on the appearance of the Islamic clergy.

6 - Where is my gun ? (in Arabic)

Collection of documents about a people's resistance against Nazi fascism.

7 - Religious despotism (in Persian)

Book by KAVAKEBI translated from Arabic.

8 - Higher than Ali SHARIATI (in Persian)

Review about Islamization of the Iranian people by Ali SHARIATI's ideas and encouragement of the intellectual people to work toward the way of rationalism rather than religion.

9 - When liberty is beat up ? (in Persian)

Four articles about liberty in Iran, written in the papers.

10 - Women : stand up for your liberty! (in Persian)

Very profound explanation of what Muslim women went through for several centuries, taking Koran verses in to account.

11 - And he also left (in Persian)

Written work in memory of a great master.

 12 - Edjtehad : renewal of the thought (in Persian)

Analysis of the reactionary ideas of the ayatollahs and proposition of a renewal of the thought of the Muslim people.

13 - From Mitra to Mohamad (in Persian)

Historic research on religions and rational ideas.

14 - Religion and Rationalism (in Persian)

Historic analysis of the fights between secularism and religion...

15 - Koran, poetry in Persian style (in Persian)

Research on the poems of the Islam prophet which were collected several years after his death and named Koran.

16 - History of histories (in Persian)

Play on the idea of the world creation.

17 - A mission for Sammad (in Persian)

Comic play paying tribute to great Persian film-maker Parviz SAYYAD.

18 - Discussion with History (in Persian)

Discussions with General GHARABAGHI, former chief of administrative staff of the Iran Shah, Ari BENMENACHEH, leader of a MOUSSAD group, BAZARGHAN, Prime Minister of Iran, YAZDI, former Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, FOROUHAR, former Iranian Minister of Labour, savagely murdered last year, professor ASSEMI, chief of Tajikestan Academy, murdered in 1997, Roger HERNU, President of a Masonic lodge in France and General Henri PARIS.

19 - History of the Persian people and national identity (in Persian)

Two speeches for two conferences in Washington and Tajikestan.

20 - Citizen (in Persian)

Comic play which has guessed the 7th presidential elections in Iran where a conflict between ayatollahs was beginning­

21 - Terrorism et neo-colonialism (in Persian)

Conference given in Los Angeles in 1997 where acts of terrorism of the Islamic Republic were unmasked.

22 - Pen, my love (yes indeed, that's the way it was, brother) (in Persian)

Forty articles from Hassan ABBASI published in international newspapers and forty articles written about him when he was 40. (1997).

23 – Esther : Queen of the Persian Empire (in Persian)

Scenario on the life of Cyrus and his son who married Esther.

24 - I dreamed of God, he was crying like a baby (in Persian)

Book which defends the kindness and innocence of God and unmasks the demagogy of the clergy and religious leader.    

 25 - Book of ERCHAD (in Persian)

Collection of 50 numbers of ERCHAD newspaper.

26 - Book of Homa (in French)

Collection of 11 numbers of monthly Homa, the letter of the Persian secular writers.

27 - Book of Share-Farang (in Persian)

Collection of 10 numbers of monthly Share-Farang.

28 - I dreamed of God, he was crying like a baby (in French)

29 - Esther and the Persian King (in Persian)

Scenario on the appearance of Esther in Persian monarchy...

30 - Meeting in Paris (in Persian)

Scenario about the success and failures of Iranian expatriates after the Islamic Revolution.

31 - Regret of KHOMEINI!? (in French)

Biography of Hassan ABBASI, existence of several Islams, proposition of a Protestantist Islam turned towards secularism and last days of KHOMElNI who was in love with his daughter-in-law and wrote many poems for her.

 32 - The secrets of Islam (in French)

New research on the poems of the Islam prophet which were compiled after his death and were called Koran.

 33 - Seven interviews (in French, in the process of being published)

Interviews of Hassan ABBASI on the air of radio “Ici et Maintenant” with General Henri PARIS, Roger HERNU, Daniel GELIN, BAZARGHAN, Ari BENMENACHEH, FOROUHAR.

34 - Persia : 7000 years of civilisation (in French)

Collection of thoughts on Persian philosophy, culture, civilisation and literature since 7000 years.

35 - I dreamed of God, he was crying like a baby (in English)

36 - History of 7000th year's Revolution (in Persian)

Explanation of the Islamic Revolution which, as a matter of fact, was the Revolution of

the English against the interests of the Americans in Iran. Once the Iran Shah had gone away from the English and come near the Americans, moreover, he had cancer, the

English had been able to take advantage of the naiveté of the Americans to replace the Iran Shah by KHOMEINI.

37 - Medium (in Persian)

Scenario about the tear of families.

38 - An interview with Sheik Ali TEHERANI (in Persian)

Interview made in 1983 with the son-in-law of the Iranian spiritual guide, who was also the master of this guide, where he issued a fatwa against all leaders of the Islamic Republic.

39 - Terror in Paris (in Persian)

Scenario about political murders in France.

40 - Ayyne A VEST A (in Persian)

Historic research on AVESTA and ZARATUSTRA.

41 - History of the Saviour and beauty of Kashmir

Play about the life of Jesus and his trips to Egypt, Persia, India and Kashmir where he had learned medi­cine, pharmacy...

 42 - Persian calendar, 7000 years (in French, Persian, English, Arabic)

This pocket calendar has been published since 1994 and is distributed everywhere in the world.

 43 - HAFIZ, the shrewd man of Shiraz (in Persian, in the process of being published)

Research on the life and adventures of a great Persian poet.

44 - Women in Islam (in French)

Research on the situation of the woman, specially in the Koran, treated like an object or a slave, who has to submit to man's wishes.

 45 - BAZARGHAN's will (in Persian)

Mehdi BAZARGHAN, Iranian Prime Minister after the Revolution, confides in Mister

ABBASI a few weeks before his death and confesses that, after more than a half century

of fight for political Islam, Islam cannot teach us how to run the country.

 46 - Candidate at the 7th presidential elections, why ? (in Persian)

Hassan ABBASI was a candidate at the 7th presidential elections in Iran after Iranian people appointed him, in an opinion poll, on a U.S. radio, as the 6th right-hand man. He published 10 principles; the first one was the replacement of an Islamic Republic by a secular Republic. Although he was an official can­didate after he obtained his registration certificate, he was not allowed to go back home. A few of his principles were borrowed by KHATAMI...

47- Islam, Politics and Islamic Protestantism

48- Belonging to AVESTA! A set of articles written by Siyavash AVESTA  in two recent years and published in “Nimrooz” weekly.

49-Several television programs (Mehr) each of them has a new subject. The list of the programs can be seen on internet: http// mehrtv. Avairan.com

50- Two thousands hours radio programs by Syavash AVESTA(Hasan Abbasi)  are available in Persian and French. Those interested people can order it for four euros per hour.

Siyavashavesta@ hotmail.com

51 to 60- Arian Mitraic calendar, 7000 years. Nine volume of this calendar from 7017 to 7025 Arian Mitraic is one of the most important indications of honour for Arians all around the world. The price of each volume is five $.

61- Ayyne AVESTA, Iran’s 7000 years civilization background – 19 $

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