DATE: November 2001 Neemroz newspaper no: 661

Thursday 25 October 2001, Princess Soraya Esfandiary Bakhtiary , second wife of the Shah of Iran ,died in Paris France. Her only survivor was Mr Bijan Esfandiary Bakhtiary who lived in Cologne , Germany. Bijan , drove from Cologne to Paris for arranging the funeral of his sister , Princess Soraya .

Bijan was accompanied by his secretary of 12 years Mr Feerozfar.

I (Mr Abbasi) called Hotel George V in Paris to find out about details for Princess Soraya funeral. Bijan was completely drunk and I could not hear him Clearly, but I understood that the funeral details had not been arranged.

Five days passed and we still did not know the details of Princess Soraya funeral, all we knew was that she wished to be burnt and not buried.

On Tuesday 30 October 2001, Bijan talked to me and gave us the details of the ceremony which would be held in the American church of Avenue George V Paris on 6 November 2001. We still did not know about the details of the burning ceremony.

Bijan wanted to come to my office and meet me the next day. I knew about his problem with his legs and I knew he was in his bed most of time. I suggested to Bijan I would go to hotel George V and meet him on Thursday 1 November 2001 about 6.30pm. I noticed that for the first time Bijan was sober and he had a glass of orange juice and yoghurt next to his bed. He wanted to be sober when meeting me. Mr Feerozfar , Bijan secretary showed me the papers of Princess Soraya funeral and burning ceremony. Bijan had authorised Mrs Shahrzad Feerozabadi to arrange the details. Dundee, the white dog of Princess Soraya would be given to Thierry the Princess’s driver.

Amongst the documents , there were 4 pages of important papers. The first page was hand written and the other 3 pages were typed. Bijan explained they were given to him by Princess Soraya lawyer and trustees. They had met Bijan 2 days before and asked Bijan to sign them. Mr Feerozfar, Bijan secretary had stopped Bijan from signing them. Bijan had asked the lawyer to bring Princess Soraya Will to him, but the lawyer had refused and said Bijan should first sign these 4 pages. The documents were in French and Bijan did not speak French language. Bijan asked me to translate them for him.

I translated the documents for Bijan and while I was doing it, Bijan raised his head and tried to get closer to me to fully understand the meaning.

The summary of these documents were: Bijan will give and sign away all authority of dealing with Princess Soraya wealth to the lawyers and trustees of Princess. The trustees will then be able to sell , buy and do whatever they wished with Princess Soraya wealth and they will not need to get any signatures or authorisation form Bijan.

Bijan was visibly upset and moved and said confidently, ""I will never sign such documents, I am glad my secretary Mr Feerozfar stopped me from signing them.""

I left Bijan at 19.30pm and started walking to my office and I bought a magazine with Princess Soraya picture on the cover, for Bijan.

That evening I went to bed about 4.30am. After 45 minutes Mr Feerozfar, Bijan secretary called me and said about midnight they had taken Bijan to hospital.

I called the hospital and I talked to the emergency ward , who informed me that Bijan was not well and he was there.Mr Feerozfar and I , arrived in George Pompideau hospital in Paris and it was still dark. Nurses were busy working and did not ask us what we wanted; Mr Feerozfar tried to find the room that Bijan was in. We saw Bijan lying in bed, but he did not look like the man I had met and talked to, only 12 hours ago. Bijan had lost a lot of water and looked much smaller than 12 hours ago. Mr Feerozfar was visibly upset and kept talking to Bijan and saying;" Bijan, why did you go and leave me alone."

I tried to find a doctor and I asked him if Bijan was dead.

The doctor replied;" He may still be alive"

We became hopeful and wondered why they told us an hour ago, Bijan had died. We found the lady in charge of the emergency ward and she explained:"

Bijan had 3 heart attacks within 2 hours and even if his brain is still active, his heart has stopped and he is technically dead. He has consumed alcohol and other poison which has caused the heart attack."

Mr Feerozfar, started shouting:" They killed Bijan, they killed Bijan"

I asked him if he believes in this, then he should report it to the French police.

At 8am Mr Feerozfar and I went to the police station in Champs Elysees.

Everyone was aware of the death of Princess Soraya and her brother Bijan and they directed us to a bigger police station.

At 9am we arrived at the main police station near Elysees Palace.

After speaking with 2 police, we were introduced to Mrs Rachal Costar,

The head of Police. The situation was serious and delicate. She explained that the Homicide department will investigate this situation. We were driven to the central Homicide police department in Paris and we answered all questions until 2pm. After lunch, we went with the homicide police to Hotel George V in order to check the 2 rooms that Bijan and his secretary Mr Feerozfar had stayed in. Bijan ‘s orange juice , yoghurt were still there and The police locked the room and took Bijan’ s credit cards, car keys and his passport for safe keeping. About 19pm that day, the chief police had allowed the body to undergo autopsy. Princess Soraya body underwent several autopsies as well. The two bodies were checked and the police were investigating for murder. The police could not find any substantial evidence for murder, but it is known in all circles that both Princess Soraya and Bijan were murdered. We like to know why? ?

Bijan had wished to be burnt like her sister. The last official survivor of the Esfandiary Bakhtiary family was dead and there were no other survivors as far as we knew. Both bodies were buried in Munich. Germany, cemetery WEST FRIEDHOF . The wealth of the Esfandiary Bakhtiary family was left to the hands of lawyers and trustees of Princess Soraya. The Princess had drafted a Will under French law. She left her fortune to the following:

Brother: Bijan Esfandiary Bakhtiary, Charity: Red Cross, Charity: Animal Protection.

The vast wealth of Princess Soraya was auctioned in Paris:

Princess Soraya Auction of Goods

The proceeds from the auction are frozen by the German government. The amounts of the proceeds are about 100 million Euros. According to the German law, the Princess had declared her domicile as German after her divorce from the Shah of Iran. The German Government stopped Princess Soraya’s French Will and has frozen her 100 million Euro wealth. They are waiting for a survivor to bring proof to establish the relationship to Princess Soraya or Bijan. If this is not found, then all the money will be spent for the upkeep of German cities and cleaning of the German cities and street.

We know Princess Soraya and her brother Bijan were murdered, but we like to know why and by whom???