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What is the benefit of being Princess Soraya’s daughter?

 (By Siyavash Avesta, Dr Hassan Abbasi) 

I met a beautiful girl who believes she is Princess Soraya’s daughter. I had many questions for her. She has a lot to tell me too. She says, “ I believe in God, but I do not believe in any particular Religion.” From the age of 18, she has followed Princess Soraya’s life through Magazines and articles. She first found out about her true identity when her adopted grandmother Told her : “ she was the daughter of Princess Soraya”. Another time, she had put her hair up and the adopted grandmother said: “What a creation, you are just like Princess Soraya”. When she was young, she would sleep in the bed of the adopted grandmother And she was told:” You are from another part of our world…” She took these words as stories, fictions, but as she grew up …. She tried to find out about her true identity. She says:” All beings are born with a mother and a father.These parents Give a surname and an identity to the child. I have spent most of my life Finding out about my true identity.” The reporter asks; “Your adopted grandmother’s words are the only proof Of you being Princess Soraya’s daughter? “ She answers:” No, my kind adopted mother told me officially at the age of 18. Then, we went to Munich to meet the Princess. The Princess did not meet us. After that trip, my adopted mother denied everything and asked me never To mention this part of my life to anyone. The reason was to reduce my Anxiety and hurt that I felt.” The reporter asks: “ What does the adopted mother say now?” She answers: “ After the first 2 articles that were published about me, My adopted mother confirms my true identity and she gave me a Valentine Card , written and signed by the adopted mother as follows:   “ You are the beautiful daughter of Princess Soraya and I wish you a Happy Birthday. This has been your destiny to be born again as your true self. If you love the Princess, then do not talk to anyone about her and yourself…….” The reporter asks this beautiful girl with her beautiful eyes: “ The confessions Of your adopted mother is not enough for the world. Do you have any other Proof? “ She  is  very kind, lovable, perfectionist, clean. She puts things where they Were picked up from and she has an especially sharp brain. Princess Soraya Will All below have received 25% of Total Wealth: Brother: Bijan Esfandiary Bakhtiary Charity: Disabled people Charity: Red Cross Charity: Animal Protection She is aware of the contents of the Will. The reporter asks; “ The Princess has not mentioned you in her official will. Has the Princess left anything for you privately?” It is clear the Princess has not left anything officially for her. This kind, beautiful ,clever and intelligent girl has tried many times to meet The Princess. She was not successful. She once wrote a note for the Princess and gave it to her Butler. The Note Is : “ I love you very much. You are always in my heart and my soul. You are Kind, beautiful, intelligent and you are a true Lady.” The Princess and her met by accident: --A shopping centre in Paris --In a Disco in the island of Bermuda --They talked on the telephone many times Only God knows how this girl found out about the Princess’s address and Tel. She believes that after the Princess heard the tapes that were recorded by her, The Princess realized how difficult and painful the girl’s life is. The Princess Then assigned a gentleman (who was not related to her adopted family) To look after the girl. The Princess believed that the life of this girl was in Danger. This gentleman gave her gifts in order to help her. This man who Is respectable and believes in God, may have a letter or something from The Princess, for this girl. This honourable gentleman once told her: “ The Princess wants you to get Married and have children.” It is interesting to note that the second time this girl wanted to meet the Princess, She  travelled with him To Munich and Paris. The only way to prove this situation is by DNA tests.This requires a lot Of money,solicitor and a court case. This DNA test seems impossible.