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David Abassi, Siyavash Awesta, his biography

Abbasi, renovating and inventor of the ideas for a world secularity and individual spirituality.

David Abbasi was born 22nd of July 1957 by the side of his mother, lady Zahra Mirzai and of his father Abas Abassi in the city of Mashad.

When he was 14, he started writing in the following newspapers: khorasan, nabard ma, aftab sharg and karikature.

At age 16, he was nominated as the head of the people’s party for the student organization directed by Naser Ameri.

At 17, his first book “ the ridiculous people of our city” was printed

At 21, he became the pioneer and director of “ nashrie adab”

At 22, he wrote his second book, which came to the market.

He studied history and philosophy in the presence of professors Mohamad Taghi Shakiati and of sheikh Ali Tehrani, later on, during the early two years of Iranian revolution, he became their political assistant...

He had to leave his country to Lebanon and Syria for a while when he was 24 years old, then he went to Paris and stayed there.

David Abbasi is the pioneer and head of Iran-France cultural centre, Etoile publication, Shahre Farang, Homa, Kehian Jahani, in Paris.

“Doctor khourosh Aria manesh” and “ Siavash Basiri” and his friends and partners....

In France, he was the pioneer of the advertising services by computer and of the coffee net.

David Abbasi is the producer of dozen s of theatrical plays and of cultural works. From which we can name “another rostam; another esfandiar” a work of Irage Jenati Atai where famous actors such as: Behrooz vousoughi, Malek Jahani Rozai, Esfandiar Monfared Zadeh, and 17 other person were playing in it and this play was around for about 2 month in Europe and Canada.

He established the first Persian radio station in Paris named "Avaye Iran" (without any dependency from any government) and for the first time in the Iranian radio history, he made it possible for the listeners to talk live on the radio.

David Abbasi at 31 years old became the creator of show of the French radio ici&maintenant and continued his career in the radio by using the French as language.

Then he participated and spoke to many important personalities in radio and TV programs ......

Darioush Farouhar, prime minister Bazargan, doctor Yazdi, Mahdavi kani, Hossein Ali montazeri, Sheikh Ali Tehrani, the sister of Seid Ali Khamenei.... and interviewed more than a dozen of other people and this method was adopted by other Iranian media throughout the world. Many of David Abassi’s interviews, from what the interviewee said, had a prosecution style, at a point that that the prime minister Bazargani, after having spoken with David Abbasi, has rejected the political Islam for which he fought for more than 50 years and said that “ Islam didn’t come to teach us about living, politics, cooking, architecture... !!!

Many important French figures like the senators and the minister and others were invited for the radio program of David Abbasi. Personalities like: senator Henri Caillavet who is the father of rationalism of France, general Henri Paris who is the consultant of the French president, Pierre Marion head of the French service intelligence, Francoise Hostalier, French minister of education, Roland Dumas, French minister of foreign affairs, the actor Daniel Jalen, Jose Bové head of the French agriculture syndicate and many more...

At 37, David Abbasi was introduced to the Internet and continued his political and cultural activities throughout the world with this media .By opening a learning centre for Internet in Paris, he became one of the first Iranians to introduce the Internet to many of his people!!

At 45 years old, he created the international TV channel of Mehr and the 24-hour Internet/radio called

David Abbasi has done about 100 hours of TV shows so far, produced 3500 hours of radio programs in Persian and French, and wrote more than 2000 articles.

He is the author of the book “Persia, 7000 years of civilisation” and is also the author of dozens of subjects and new words and expressions forgotten for many years from which we can name: “ the political Islam”, the secularism civil society   , “the changing of names into Persian”.

He is the first animator of ancient Persian celebration in a foreign country.

David Abbasi is the author of more than 70 books written in Persian, Arabic, French and English, his last book in French is called “the women and the fight inside the political Islam” , with a nice preface written by the quill  of Henri caillavet who is the father of  French rationalism and French psychology.

David Abbasi has been honoured to receive the golden prize of humanity in France, which is a great prize and also the golden and silver medal of merits and gratefulness of France and the art medal of knowledge and literature.

Abbasi, renovator and inventor of the ideas for a world secularity and an individual spirituality.

He is at the origin of the use of the word "Political Islam" since 1980...

and the launching of a critical vision on the politazation of the religion.

In 1984, while being based on the history of Islam, he published the verses which the prophet of Islam himself had described as satanic (his book "Secrets of Islam").

At the same time, for the first time, Abbasi extracted the origin of terror in the history of Islam...

... he attracted the attention of the world to a truth forgotten  : there is not an Arab civilization nor Moslem but of the Arabic-speaking people thoughts and civilizations...

(his book "Critical Glance on Islam").

Abbasi was the first to extract the number exact of the offensive wars (approximately 60) of the prophet of Islam (in his book "Women and Wars in political Islam with a foreword of the senator Henri Caillavet).

In the next book named "Awesta and its origins", he speaks to us about the origin of the light and the combat unified of the thinkers and the prophets to fight the darkness and to make reign the light.

Thanks to this book, we will discover the origin of many subjects in the history since thousands of years.

The ideas of Mr ABBASI caused an enormous change especially in the Persians thought and other beings which had the occasion to know them through Internet and Mr Abbasi television and radiophonic programs diffused everywhere in the world.

What the great personalities said about Abbasi and its writings

We quote below many opinions of great international personalities concerning Mr Abbasi:

- Henri CAILLAVET, senator

"This important work of David ABBASI educate and question. But he has also the merit to clarify the personality of the author, lucid and critical spirit, always wanting to be close of objectivity about the religions. As a laic Islamologue, he approaches several topics about Islam. He dares to know in order to dare to understand"

- Doctor Aria MANESH, ex Vice-Minister, writer, professor of university, assassinated in Créteil in 1996

"We congratulate Mr Abbasi for his laic spots for our people"

- Doctor AHKAMI, doctor and editor of the magazine "the Heritage" in the U.S.A

"The writings of Mr Abbasi changed the ideas of the Iranians"

- Doctor MIRSHAHI, doctor, researcher at the university of Paris, writer

"The writings of Mr Abbasi recall us freedom principles"

- Doctor ANSARI, writer, professor at the university of Washington

"Abbasi is the “avant-garde” of the movement of rebirth of the laic thought in the Moslem world and he is the bomb of the new laic thought"

- Mr TOWFIGHI, producer of television and radio broadcasts in Los Angeles

"Thanks to his several tens of years researches, the writings of Mr Abbasi light us"

- Mr DASHTI, writer and editor of magazine from Iran Mehr in Houston

"Mr Abbasi works which show us the Persian light and cultures are exceptional"

- Mr ENGHETA, professor at the university, writer, historian, producer of television broadcasts

"Since a long time, Mr Abbasi works tirelessly to know and to make known the richness of our culture and the thousand-year-old civilizations and he succeeded in its spots"

- Doctor KHORAM RASHEDI, writer, editor of the magazine "1001 nuits" in France

"If ten of our scientists did work like Mr Abbasi?"

- Mr DAVID RAMZI, poet, writer, producer of television and radio broadcasts in the U.S.A

"Some words on the person (Abbasi) who brought back the light of Awesta for us..."

- Mr SEPAND, poet, writer, TV presenter in San Francisco

"I know Mr Abbasi since thousands of years..."

- Professor SEYHOUN, founder of the university of Beautiful Arts in Iran

"We see in the writings of Mr Abbasi the impression of culture and Persian civilization in the world..."

- Mr PARVIZ SAYYAD, artist, director in the U.S.A

"Its books well sold in the world...?

- Mr MERCY MANTEGHI, director, poet and writer in Paris

"His book “Aiin Awesta” is an encyclopaedia"

- Mr MEYBODI, poet, radio and TV animator in the U.S.A

"7000 years of love in the writing of Abbasi"

- The General MANII, ex vice-minister of the Defense of the Shah of Iran "The writings of Mr Abbasi, today our only guide "

- Professor NABAVI, doctor, cardiologist, medal-holder of the king of belgium, ex-adviser of the Prime Minister of the Shah of Iran, candidate to the Nobel Prize

"Read the writings of Mr Abbasi..."

- Doctor HOMAYOUNFAR, old diplomatic of the Shah of Iran, writer, poet in Switzerland

"Mr Abbasi, untiring, the one who works a lot ..."

To consult the totality of the articles of these people (one to fifteen pages), please click there :

To support the writers and the renovating ones, buy their writings. You can receive the writings of Mr Abbasi by e-mail, PDF or Word format with 50% of handing-over compared to the price of the book and if you want to order the books click here. All the writings of Mr Abbasi will not be available anymore free on Internet.

Women and wars in politic Islam ! By: David ABBASI   Islam is being unknown to this day not for the non-musulmans, but for the major part of the musulmans. Especially in a new millenium a politic Islam try to conquer the world as it was at the beginning. Those words of mister Abbasi (islamologist), teaches us many untold subjects on politic Islam. Senator Henri Caillavet, one of the master of laic thinking of our time in the begininng of this book says : " this book inovates us on Islam after 14 siecle of existence.David Abbasi talks about the lasting of invidual Islam and politic Islam and in the book " Women and wars in politic Islam ", the writer focuses deeply in this politic Islam which intend restless, by using integrism, to get the power by force. " Women and wars in politic Islam " is a book which tells about the histoy of Islam with precise quotes of the coran. "

ABBASI Siyavash Awesta, Ecrivain, Historien, President de l'Institut LEP (=Radio Ava Iran, Mehr TV, Homa
Attention, si vous faites des recherches sur internet au nom de Hassan Abbasi, ne tombez pas dans le piège ! Un Sosie fabriqué par les Ayatollahs

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