The 10 principles that constituted Mister Hassan ABBASI's officiaI programme wh en he fan for the 7th presidentiai elections in Iran in 1997

The declaration of April 97

For a laie government in Iran. and so that  Freedom.

Equality. Fraternity and Justice are Dot useless in this country who se history is moving.

Hassan ABBASI presents "'-occi.:today with an aim of proposing to the Iranian people a laie Republic. around 10 fundamental principles :

PRINCIPLE 1 : It is proposed to the Iranian people a referendum, which will contribute to replace the Islamic republic of Iran by a republic of laie alliance.

PRINCIPLE 2 : It is proposed the formation of a National Parliament and a Senate, which wil1 be the two legislating Senates, as weil as free elections for the installation of the members of the Town councils, departmental and regional, of the members of Parliament and aIl the executive authori tics.

PRINCIPLE 3 : The laie Republic will be made a dut Y establish friendly and independent relations with the whole world, in Occident, in the East, Israel and in the Arab countries.

PRINCIPLE 4 : There will be founded a national peace between aU the Iranian people, for a national alliance, each people remaining guard of bis traditions, bis culture, its language in the worth y respect of the humans right.

PRINCIPLE 5 : It will be instituted a he1p with the return of the Iranian immigrants in their country of origin so that they can take part in the development of Iran.

PRINCIPLE 6 : It will be posed like principle the free choice by each one of its work, and the developmentof the government aid to the priva te companies

PRINCIPLE 7 : The Persian calendar 7000 years will be officialized, and of the cultural workshops will be instituted for terrer knowing the History, the Culture, the Art and the Antiquity of Iran.

PRINCIPLE 8 : The national traditional festivals will be freely organized, and of spaces of ease of use and free creation will be set up in the various arristic fields.

PRINCIPLE 9 : It will be assured the work of the young people of more than 20 years, and of the unemployment pays will be installation for without-employment, as weil as a life pension for all the people of more th an 60 years.

PRINCIPLE 10 : It will be installed a system of Social security and Education free, and the obligatory Contest of input at the University will be cancelled.